Iain Henderson Considering Future As He Reveals Other Clubs Are Interested In Him

Not another one.

Iain Henderson is the latest man to consider his future, with the Ulster lock revealing that a number of clubs have reached out about acquiring his services.

The Lions star’s contract is up at the end of the season, and has stated that there has been ‘some interest from other clubs and places’, noting that you have to consider everything when you see the kind of money on offer.

While Henderson, like Zebo, would likely be unavailable for Ireland selection should he leave, he says it’s not just a rugby decision, but a financial one also.

“My contract is up at the end of the season and after the summer tour and stuff there has been some interest from other clubs and places,” Henderson said at the launch of Canterbury’s Rising Strength Video Series.
“Simon leaving and not being selected is done on a player basis and the form of his play and a few other factors.
“At the end of the day I will just sit down and have a chat with Joe, and maybe sit down with (IRFU performance director) David Nucifora and see before making any serious decisions.
“But I think those kind of chats and decisions about where to move to all come in to (play) probably a wee bit further down the year than in a while.
“I suppose it is kind of up for grabs at the same time, you’ve got to remember that it’s players’ livelihoods, their jobs.
“Like, if they’re offering something like what I’ve read with Simon, a relatively lucrative amount that he mightn’t have been offered by Ireland, it’s a financial decision for him as well as a rugby decision.”

Henderson says he definitely cannot rule out leaving Ireland.

“I’m not completely closed off to the idea,” Henderson said of moving abroad.
“You’ve got your family, your friends, a club where you’re already familiar with the coaches, the fans, the management – you’re already established so there’s obviously a side where you have got to understand that you’d have to go away and rebuild all of that.
“On the other hand, players sometimes have to think about themselves and sometimes the club a player’s at will play on that and say, ‘well, they’re comfortable here so therefore we can offer them a bit less’.
“It’s kind of trying to weigh up a couple of options and trying to see what’s best for the player.
“It also depends on what club is approaching the player, there’ll be some clubs who are more suitable for some players.
“Some players know other players at other clubs, some would be more suitable depending on languages whether it be France, Italy or whatever.
“Players moving, it’s not just all about signing a piece of paper, there’s a whole lot of lifestyle changes, house moves and stuff that go with it and that may prove to be slightly more difficult than it might seem at the start.”

All quotes via The Irish Independent.

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