Huge Update Regarding Conor Murray & The All Black Game

Ball is in your court.

Ireland head coach Joe Schmidt says it’s up to Conor Murray on whether or not he’s available for next weekend’s huge Test match with world champions New Zealand.

Schmidt says he’s going to have a chat with Murray and “see how he is”, before making a call on whether or not to consider using him.

“I’m going to chat to Conor and see how he is,” he said.

“It will really be Conor’s call, so I can’t answer that until I’ve chatted to him.”

The Ireland boss was pushed further on the question and praised Murray’s “incredible capacity to exit well”, but insists there’s no pressure for him to come back.

“Well, again, it was really to take the pressure off him.” Schmidt added

“There was no compulsion to push himself forward or to come out and try to force himself into the frame, unless he’s super comfortable. Because we’ve got three guys doing a good job. The window of opportunity for us is fantastic for those guys to demonstrate they can do a good job at the level.

“But Conor has that incredible capacity to exit us well, give us the free-flow and whip out a pass that makes him a world-class player.

“So those other guys are building towards that, and the best way to towards that is in the cauldron of Test match pressure.”

All eyes on Carton House next week. Will Murray be in training?

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