Huge Twist In The Radical Proposal From Clubs To Shorten The Six Nations

This is getting interesting…

The RFU is considering proposals for one of the most radical changes in the history of the Six Nations Championship, where England and France would play their first games a week after Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Italy according to a report in The Times this morning.

Since the dawn of the Six Nations in 2000, all six teams have always played over the first weekend. But the RFU is considering a proposal from the clubs that, from 2020, England and France should skip the first round of matches.

Interestingly it’s now emerged that the players, at least in England, do not back this move but rather it’s the clubs and their owners that are proposing the change. Damian Hopley, chief executive of the Rugby Players Association, says no player he has spoken to approves of the idea.

“The players do not support shortening the Six Nations. Not one England player I have spoken to believes this is a good idea,” Hopley told the Evening Standard.
“Playing four internationals in a row in the autumn is not the same as the intensity of the Six Nations. It is the most popular global annual rugby competition and there is intense pressure on the players.”

This means the proposal is solely been driven by the English and French clubs are their respective owners.

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