Here’s Why Keith Earls Had An Egg On His Head At Ireland Training Today


You might have spotted a video doing the rounds today of Keith Earls standing out on his own with egg yolk dropping from his head.

Earls was summoned into a circle of his teammates and forced to smash an egg over his head. Why you ask? Apparently it was because the Munster back had shown up late to a Pilates session.

Ireland scrum-half Eoin Reddan explained:

“He was a bold boy. He stepped out of line and [Strength & Conditioning coach] Jason Cowman just pulled him back in.

“It was probably some monitoring thing.

“It’s a bit of craic and it keeps people in line at the same time.”

Sure as the saying goes “You can’t make an omlette without cracking an egg” Not sure how this fits in to the above but who cares!

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