Here’s Why France Brought Jonah Lomu’s Sons To Their RWC 2023 Presentation

Desperate times.

Ireland drafted in Brian O’Driscoll and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, while France called on All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu’s sons for their Rugby World Cup 2023 final presentation today.

France’s move to bring in the pair has raised a few eyebrows, as their bid to host rugby’s premier competition continues to reach new levels. Why did they draft them in? Sebastien Chabal explained:

“Dhyreille was born in France, born in Marseille, when their daddy came over and played for Marseille,” he said.
And as he told us earlier, quite simply, he’s known as the Frenchie at home.
“Jonah Lomu loved France. That’s where they saw their daddy playing rugby. Today I speak in their name.
“They said they would love to come back in 2023 to experience the World Cup in the country where their father was so happy.
“I’ll leave it up to them to decide which jersey they will wear, blue or black, but they are very proud of this dual nationality, this dual identity and that’s why they’re with us today.”

We’re not convinced. It’s rather inappropriate if you ask us. As far as we’re concerned they were there for all the wrong reasons.

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