Here’s How Much The England Players Will Pocket If They Win The Rugby World Cup

Cash money.

The England team shared a staggering jackpot of over £1.2 million for the Rugby World Cup semi-final win over New Zealand – and they stand to make even more if they go all the way.

It’s the biggest single bonus payment ever for a Test match according to the New Zealand Herald (over double what the All Blacks would have got for winning), with each player pocketing over £40,000 each on top of their usual salary for defeating the back-to-back world champions.

But that figure could be absolutely obliterated this weekend should England defeat South Africa and win the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

The players will reportedly share a bonus payment of £2,560,500, a total of £82,597 each if they lift the Webb Ellis Cup. Not bad for 80 minutes work.

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