Here’s How Much It Would Set You Back To Buy All The Stash The Lions Players Got

Jason Hennessy

Jason Hennessy

Jason is the editor here at RugbyLAD and a proud Limerick man.
Jason Hennessy

The British & Irish Lions got together for the first time since the squad was revealed in London yesterday.

The traditional event known as ‘Messy Monday’ is an administration day that allows the players to meet up, get kitted out and pose for some photos. It also serves as a day for the media to get some shots and grab a few interviews.

When it comes to getting kitted out, the Lions spare absolutely no expense for their touring squad. The players were kitted out with a staggering 64 items of clothing and accessories on Monday.

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First, the 41-man squad received 36 pieces of training and playing kit from kit manufacturer Canterbury, before picking up 28 items of bespoke formal wear including a £150 scarf and a £595 velvet jacket from suppliers Thomas Pink.

Sportsmail have done the maths and totted up just how much all the kit is worth per player, and it’s staggering.

That’s £3827.93 (€4543.11) per player to kit a British & Irish Lion out in his training and formal wear. Unbelievable. You can see all the players kitted out, and plenty more in the article by Sportsmail here.