Here’s How Much Free Gear Each Lions Player Received Today

Jealous is an understatement.

The British & Irish Lions gathered today for the first time in a traditional event known as ‘Messy Monday.’

The gathering is to facilitate the media and to sort out the players with their absolute monstrous about of stash. Gatland and a few of his players faced the media and the official team photo was taken along with whatever else needed to be done.

Scarlets and Wales hooker Ken Owens spoke to WalesOnline at the event and revealed just how much gear each player received today from kit sponsors Canterbury.

“Meeting up with the boys, getting the kit and putting it on makes you realise this is not just a dream anymore, it’s becoming a reality,” said Owens.
“It’s sinking in that we are three or four weeks away from a huge tour in New Zealand.”

Asked to detail what he has received in terms of kit, Owens revealed:

It’s slightly different to the kit drop at the Scarlets put it that way!
“We have two very big kit bags, nine sets of training kit for rugby, 15 gym tee-shirts and vests and all sorts.
“We have two suits , plenty of shirts and even a pair of shoes . It’s actually more than I have got in my house!
“I have my clothes sorted for the next 10 years I think!”

Not bad for a day’s work!

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