Here’s How Ireland’s RWC 2023 Bid Stands Heading Into Tomorrow’s Council Vote

It’s not over just yet.

So World Rugby have recommended South Africa should host the 2023 Rugby World Cup, but at the end of the day, the final decision does not come down to them.

This is left in the rather capable (we hope) hands of the unions. There’s going to be plenty of politics,favours, handshakes and brown envelopes, but at the end of the day there can be only one host.

The council could still opt for any of the three bids in Wednesday’s secret ballot, with 20 of the available 39 votes needed. While the technical review ranked South Africa highest, id did state all three candidates are capable of hosting rugby’s showpiece event in 2023.

Most unions have declined to make public their intentions, though New Zealand’s CEO Steve Tew has said it would be very hard not to vote the way of the recommendation. The good news though is The Times report that the English Union will support their bid. The RFU will meet later today to ratify their decision.

None of the host candidates will be involved in the voting process, leaving 39 votes are up for grabs.

England, Wales, Scotland, Italy as well as New Zealand, Australia and Argentina, have three votes each while the six regional associations plus Japan have two votes apiece. The outstanding four votes belong to Georgia, Canada, the United States and Romania.

South Africa may be the hot favourites, but the Irish are well used to having the tag of underdogs. Fingers crossed.

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