Guess What France’s Injury Report Says About Antoine Dupont?

Surprise, surprise.

France’s Antoine Dupont has been ruled out for the rest of the season, after sustaining, you guessed it – a knee injury.

Dupont suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament that will keep him out of action until next season, after falling awkwardly in a tackle by Ireland’s Conor Murray on Saturday evening.

His injury has cause huge controversy because of France’s clear abuse of the HIA rule when it happened. Several TV replays clearly showed Dupon suffer a knee injury on the day, but referee Nigel Owens was informed by a French official that the match doctor said the scrumhalf was off for a Head Injury Assessment, meaning Maxime Machenaud could return to the field.

Owens was clearly dubious and made sure to check the information several times. But Machenaud was allowed to continue despite protestations from a number of Irish players, including captain at the time Johnny Sexton.

An investigation is currently taking place in relation to the incident. But the news that Dupont has indeed suffered a serious knee injury, has cast further doubt on France’s integrity.

We wish Dupont all the best in his recovery. Never nice to see a player suffer such a serious injury. It’s just a shame it’s been overshadowed by the men in power around him.

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