Gregor Townsend Has Made Some Huge Accusations Towards Munster

Glasgow Warriors v Munster - European Rugby Champions Cup Pool 1 Round 5

Gregor Townsend has made some very daring accusations towards Munster in relation to their treatment of Conor Murray.

The Irish nine has been the centre of attention since the incident for a number of reasons. The Limerick man was clearly targeted by Glasgow in the Champions Cup tie, with many suggesting perhaps they Scottish side went a little over the edge.

Murray himself came out and blasted Townsend’s men, stating that what they did was downright reckless and cynical. He made it clear he was annoyed at their challenges, and feared he could have been seriously injured.


The scrumhalf has also been the subject of an investigation after appearing to be knocked out in the game, before returning to the fold. Munster deny any wrongdoing, and have made it clear they followed procedure and Murray passed all relevant medical tests.

Townsend has now come out today, suggesting that Munster might be focusing on Glasgow’s tackling as a means of distracting people from the investigation into a possible breach of concussion management protocols.

Conor Murray’s an excellent player – one of the best 9’s in the game. We knew Munster had a very strong kicking game and we put pressure on that. Sometimes we didn’t get it right, but the charge down we got in the last three minutes could have won us the game, so the pressure paid off in the end.

Rugby’s a physical game and you’ve got to do things within the law. That involves tackling. We weren’t penalised for anything last week and we’ve got to make sure we do that well, and sometimes you don’t get your timing right in your tackles.

I’ve heard a few comments out of Munster this week, so obviously the pressure we put on them, they didn’t enjoy. We put really good pressure on – there was one occasion where I think we didn’t get the timing right, but all the others we put on legitimate pressure. The referee was there, he saw a couple of replays on the screen and said that’s fine.

Maybe they have more of an issue or whatever – I know they were investigation for the concussion that week, so whether they want to talk about this and not talk about the other incident.

From our side, we’ll just keep working hard at improving the times we don’t get it right and work hard at making sure we do it right the next time.

Some bold accusations by Townsend, that surely won’t go unnoticed by Munster.

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