Gordon D’Arcy Has The Answer To Improving The Six Nations


Dan Carter and Nigel Owens have both come out publicly and said it and now it’s former Ireland and Lions International, Gordon D’Arcy’s turn.

The Six Nations is one of the only high profile tournaments in the world that doesn’t feature a bonus-point system. The tournament has been criticised over the years for playing ‘safe’ rugby, that deters the northern hemisphere’s attempt to catch up with their southern counterparts.

Writing in his Irish Times column, D’Arcy has come out and said now is the time to finally introduce a bonus-point system.

Introducing a bonus point system to the Six Nations would require a significant change in the Northern Hemisphere club fixtures and the Six Nations itself but it would prove of enormous value in closing the gap on the Southern Hemisphere.

It would change the way every team approached the game. It would bring the Argentinian blueprint to this part of the world.

Bonus points, especially in the case of Italy, would give clear reward for continuing to put the same effort into the Six Nations after one or two defeats.

Do you agree with Gordon D’Arcy?

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