George North Speaks Out For First Time Following Latest Concussion In Telling Interview


George North has been in the headlines for many weeks now following his latest head injury.

The Northampton winger lost consciousness in a Premiership game against Leicester, yet was returned to the field just minutes later despite clear signs of a head injury. To make matters worse, North has a history of concussions, probing a full investigation into the incident.

The Concussion Management Review Group (CMRG), who were tasked with the investigation, on Wednesday published a report stating that North shouldn’t have returned to the field but they were happy protocol was followed.


Northampton have been exposed for allowing him to return, but escaped punishment. For the duration of this saga, the club has been blasted and there have also been callings for North to retire given his history, but now in a telling interview we finally get the winger’s side of the story.

North admits that the whole ordeal has changed his outlook, but has no intention of retiring and here’s why:

‘If a player decided to pack the game in tomorrow, the question I ask is, who pays their mortgage? No one will, except that person. No one’s going to pay his mortgage or look after his family. He’s got to do it somehow. What’s important is looking after them (family). That’s all I think about.’ North told the Daily Mail


The Lions winger goes on to state that he does wonder why he puts himself through it all sometimes, but at the end of the day, it’s his job and he’s out to do the best he can. He also discusses how Social Media is so direct and it’s easy to hide behind it and treat sports stars unfairly.

‘Sometimes I do ask myself why I put myself through all this stuff,’ he said. ‘You never go out to do a bad job. You go out to be the best you can be.

‘When people say things about you not trying or criticising you then you wonder, “What gives you that right to do that?”

‘It’s a fine line. Social media is so direct. It gives great access for fans and can be a great tool to give insight. People love seeing those things they don’t see but some take it as if it makes them experts. I’ll always find it strange that people will write something they wouldn’t be prepared to say to someone’s face.

‘It confuses me how you can put yourself through all that hard work and pain that no one sees and then you drop a high ball or miss a two-on-one and you get hammered for it.

‘I’m not taking romance away from professional sport. I’ve been very lucky in my career to have highs and have lows. But the first couple of years as a professional are the honeymoon years. 

‘When I think of who I am, rugby is a big part of that. I wouldn’t have the friends I do without rugby. It’s like anything. When it’s good it’s good, when it’s bad, it’s bad. But it’s a sport, a job. It’s not going to change anyone’s life.’

Fair play to him and we wish him all the best. A special talent, let’s hope he doesn’t get any more bangs to the head and enjoy a long and successful career.

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