Garry Ringrose Didn’t Pay Much Attention To The 2013 Lions Tour & Here’s Why

This will make you feel old.

Garry Ringrose was probably unlucky to miss out on selection for the Lions this summer after an excellent Six Nations, but his reasoning for not paying much attention to their last tour is a real eye-opener.

The Leinster centre is currently in the New York preparing for Ireland’s clash with the USA Eagles this weekend and was speaking to reporters ahead of the game. Turns out he missed most of the 2013 series victory over Australia, because he was doing his Leaving Cert!

“I probably wouldn’t have watched much rugby, my head was stuck in the books.” Ringrose said.
“A bit of a change since four years ago,”

Looking ahead to Ireland’s June internationals, Ringrose is keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground, and is not thinking about a possible call-up to the Lions squad.

“It’s the least of my worries, I feel so lucky to go and represent Ireland for the next three weeks against USA and Japan.
“This time last year I missed out on a summer tour. I appreciate the fact that I am pretty lucky, from where I have come from last year, to come and play on the summer tour.
It wouldn’t be too much of a concern. Hopefully we get the matches up on the projector and support the lads that are there.”

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