Gareth Thomas Reveals Disgusting Tabloid Journalist Act Following HIV Reveal


Gareth Thomas says he was “forced” to reveal his HIV diagnosis last week after tabloid journalist knocking on his parents’ front door to ask him about his HIV status – before they knew anything about his condition.

The former Wales international revealed over the weekend that he had HIV, though treatment meant it was undetectable and would not pass on to his husband.

During a BBC 5 Live Breakfast interview on Wednesday, the former Lions and Wales captain said he made the revelation after a newspaper blackmailed him.

“When you keep a secret, it is very difficult to keep a secret, and when it’s so personal there are certain people in your life that you kind of have to tell… and they have somebody else in their life who they feel they need to tell, and suddenly that secret gets out of control.” Thomas said

“You become really vulnerable when you give people a secret because to them you become a target or you become weak because they have this power over you.”

“Can you imagine how I felt when a tabloid journalist knocked on my mother and father’s front door and asks them to make a comment on my HIV status… when I had literally not really sat down with my parents and had a chat about it because I wanted to protect them.”

Breaking down in tears, Thomas said he can “never have that moment back” with his parents.

“I can never have that moment back – to sit down with them and be able to explain to them why their son is going to be okay and going to be able to live through this.” Thomas added

“That person came and took that moment from me.”

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