Gareth Thomas Apologises For ‘Controversial’ Joke About Marler Fondling Alun Wyn Jones


Former Wales international Gareth Thomas has apologised for his comments about the incident that saw Joe Marler grab Alun Wyn Jones by the testicles yesterday.

Marler was caught on camera grabbing Jones downstairs following a melee between the two teams during their Six Nations clash that has drawn a mixed reaction online.

Jones has called for World Rugby to take action but Thomas, who came out as homosexual a few years back, saw the funny side of it.

“It would never have happened during my day and I’m really upset about that,” Thomas said.

“If it had I would never have retired.”

While most people found that joke funny, some people were offended, with Thomas posting the following apology this morning.

“To the VERY small minority of people who were offended by my comment yesterday I apologise,” Thomas tweeted.

“I tried to find humour in a situation – that doesn’t mean I condone it, it means I wanted it to not be an issue.

“So don’t change the narrative to justify how you feel. Be kind.”

Crazy that he feels the need to apologise if you ask me. Are we not allowed joke about anything anymore?

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