Further Proof The French Are Lunatics With Crazy Proposed Fixture List

France are it again.

French rugby is a bit of a circus act at the moment. A lot of that is down to Racing 92 and their absolute ludicrous shenanigans involving rogue players, fusion talks and just about anything else controversial.

The national side are also in a bit of trouble over their sneaky use of the HIA law in their game with Wales. It’s nothing new to be honest as the French have always been a bit of a questionable bunch when it comes to rugby.

The latest bit of absolute lunacy involved their November series later this year. Their schedule thus far has three games scheduled, which is pretty much the norm for tier one nations. It opens with a test against the All Blacks on November 11th and is followed by games against the Springboks on November 18th and Japan on November 25th.

It now seems the French are looking to squeeze every penny they can out of the international window by adding in a fourth fixture with the All Blacks- in between the first fixture with the world champions and the Springboks! Two Tests in four days… Madness!

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