French Rugby Issues Apology After Embarrassing Rugby World Cup 2023 Tweet

The French are at it again!

The French Rugby Federation (FFR) has apologised for posting a tweet that suggested it was the frontrunner to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

The FFR posted an embarrassing, somewhat arrogant Tweet suggesting that they were now in pole position after the evaluation phase of the process. France are currently locked in a three-way battle with Ireland and South Africa for the rights to host the tournament in 2023.

A message on the FFR’s official Twitter account read:

The FFR apologise for an inaccurate and misleading tweet it published on 5 September regarding the evaluation phase of the host selection process.
“It was incorrect to state that as the result of technical study by World Rugby, the FFR is the leading candidate to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup.
“The FFR respects that the host selection and evaluation process is not complete and we reiterate our full support for a fair and robust process operated by World Rugby and its independent advisors.”

Oh and for the record, Ireland are the current bookies favourites. Quite frankly, we’ve heard enough from the arrogant Frenchies. Just award it to Ireland already! November 15 can’t come quick enough!

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