French Coach Admits He’s Had Nightmares About Ireland’s Monstrous Back-Row

France forwards coach Yannick Bru admitted he has had nightmares about Ireland’s back-row.

The French assistant coach believes one of Ireland’s greatest weapons is their dynamic back-row made up of Jamie Heaslip, Sean O’Brien and in-form CJ Stander.

Bru says they will try and keep the menacing trio at bay on Saturday.

“It’s their ability to play fast and well,” Bru told the Belfast Telegraph.
“Their speed, their skills, they are fast and very skilled and they don’t make many mistakes, and when they create that intensity in the game it’s always a good performance. We will try to fight them with our defence, but we know it will be a big challenge.

Bru added that since the 2015 World Cup the strength of the Irish side has worried him.

“Since the last World Cup I’ve had a lot of nightmares about Ireland. We know how they play, they will have the position and they will make a lot of phases.
“We’re ready to face them, we’ve worked on defence. We’re convinced they will challenge us on our ability to be physically ready. We know everything about Ireland as they know everything about France.
“There won’t be a lot of surprises but we’re ready for the challenge.”

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