France’s Resurgence Could Be Very Bad News For Ireland In The Long-Term

Vive la France.

At the start of the Six Nations, not many people tipped France to win the Championship with Les Blues packing their squad with young, inexperienced players.

While many expected Shaun Edwards to have a massive effect, no one could have predicted that he would have such an instant impact, with France blowing England out of the water in the opening round in Paris.

And France’s resurgence could end up having a serious impact on Ireland in the long-term with the 2023 Rugby World Cup hosts now just 1.05 points behind Ireland in the World Rugby Rankings.

But why is this significant? Well if you’re not already aware, the seeding bands for the 2023 Rugby World Cup will be finalised at the end of November and with Ireland currently fourth in the world, they’re on course for a spot in the highest band.

At the beginning of the championship, Ireland were fifth in the world with France a good bit back in seventh. And while wins over Scotland and Wales have helped propel Ireland into fourth, France’s wins over England, Italy and Wales mean they are now breathing down Ireland’s necks with the two teams set to meet in the final round of the Six Nations.

We’re still not sure what’s going to happen with Ireland’s postponed fixture with Italy and whether or not they can win the Six Nations against France – but regardless that game is going to be huge in terms of rankings going forward.

A win will give them a healthy lead over the French but if they lose – they will be overtaken in the race with only a handful of fixtures to go between now and the end of November.

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