France Willing To Bribe World Rugby Into Handing Them 2023 Rugby World Cup

Sounds like the French are getting desperate…

France has said that they are willing to pay World Rugby £150 million as a hosting fee to stage the 2023 Rugby World Cup, overpaying the usual standard fee by some £30 million.

Any nation who wins the rights to host a Rugby World Cup, must pay World Rugby a fee of £120 million but France have offered to top that in a bid to edge out rivals South Africa and Ireland and host the tournament.

“You have to pay a fee to host. It is a minimum. We have proposed not £120million pounds but £150 million pounds,” bid leader Claude Atcher has said.
“This fee is 100 percent guaranteed by the French government.”

Atcher also claims that giving France the right to host the World Cup would help safeguard international rugby’s future.

“We have a responsibility to support the development of rugby in the world because, if we don’t do anything, in five to 10 years you will have two, three to four teams on the same level and that’s all, and then rugby will die,” he added.
“If we are awarded the World Cup it will accelerate our political changes with the professional championship in France. If we don’t change the rules in five years or 10 years, all South African, Australian and New Zealand players will play in France, in England.
“The best players are not playing for the national team so the results are not as expected by the unions, so it’s very damaging.”

The three bidding nations will make their presentations to the voting bodies in London on Monday, with the final decision to be announced on November 15.


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