France Lock Fined By Six Nations Officials Following Comments Made After Wales Game

France lock forward and vice-captain Yoann Maestr appeared at a Six Nations disciplinary hearing in London on Wednesday.

Maestri appeared having been charged with misconduct by the Six Nations Disciplinary Officer in respect of comments made to representatives of the media about Wayne Barnes shortly after the Six Nations match between France and Wales at Stade de France.

The independent Six Nations Disciplinary Committee reviewed all of the evidence, including the media articles written after Maestri had made the comments and heard submissions from and on behalf of, respectively, the Disciplinary Officer and Maestri.

Maestri accepted that he had committed an act of misconduct and openly apologised for making the comments.

The Disciplinary Committee imposed on Maestri a fine of €30,000, with one half (€15,000) payable within 30 days, and one half (€15,000) suspended until the end of the 2017/18 season. The Committee also ordered Mr Maestri to pay Six Nations’ legal costs.

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