The Four Richest Rugby Players In The World


If you read books like The Millionaire Next Door and Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you soon realize that it’s not what you make that matters. It’s what you do with what you make that makes the difference between if you get richer or poorer. If you can invest the little you have, then you can amass enough wealth to transcend generations.

It all starts with banking on what you have. Of course, you can always increase your earnings by investing your money in various money makers. Some people have even made fortunes by playing online games in casinos such as Mr. Green casino and other reputable sites. And what you keep is what matters the most.

So, while rugby players may not make the most money compared to other athletes, some have understood the basic investment principles. And in implementing these tried and tested approaches, they have grown their wealth considerably. Let’s take a look at who these key players are:

Richest Rugby Players Worldwide
Pro rugby players make about $100,000 per year on average. So, if a player saved all that money throughout their career, they would take home about $2 million to $3 million. On the higher end, they would take home about $10 million after twenty to thirty years in the game. But surprisingly, many rugby players exceed these expectations. Who are they?

Simon McDowell
Simon was an avid rugby player for a considerable while, playing for North Ireland. As one of the most formidable forces at the time, he made quite a lot of waves and a lot of money to boot. He eventually had to hang up his boots as he had suffered a career-ending injury and resorted to becoming a referee. But did he make his money from rugby and his refereeing? Not entirely – like any entrepreneur, he invested a vast amount of his wealth in his chemical company, whose proceeds have afforded him a pretty comfortable lifestyle. Based on 2022 stats, he is worth about $54 million.

Sir Bill Gammell
The actual net worth of this former rugby player is not quite known. But several sources estimate that he has over $50 million to his name. So, where did he get his wealth? Like Simon, Bill was one of the best rugby players of his time. However, he, too, suffered an injury that soon put an end to his illustrious career. And he sought to take on businesses to bridge the gap in his income, ventures that soon became the goldmines that would propel his wealth. His energy company, which mainly focuses on oil and gas, soon took off such that by 2010, it was valued at more than $10 billion! It’s safe to say that he could not have earned that kind of money from playing rugby, and he is set to be one of the wealthiest rugby players of all time.

Johnny Wikinson
As we said in the introduction, it’s not what you make that matters – it’s what you keep. And Johnny is an excellent example of this. While other players were living large and spending considerably, he chose to lead a quiet life and avoided extravagance. Moreover, he managed to stay out of trouble that would have cost him a lot in PR and legal tussles. So, it was easy for him to develop a saving culture, which saw him amass more than $20 million. But his net worth is not the only legacy this low-key player will leave behind. Following his retirement, he was inducted into the Rugby Hall of Fame. It goes to show that leading a quiet life and avoiding unnecessary drama can pay off quite well in the end.

Sonny Bill Williams
Many athletes choose one sport and stick to it. But not Bill. After enjoying great success as a rugby player, he chose to explore his passion for boxing. And he managed to balance his two loves quite well. On the one hand, he was signing contracts with rugby clubs and landing endorsements worth millions of dollars. And on the other hand, he was working on his boxing career. So, as much as many people would be content with following up on one goal, Bill has proven that you can indeed have it all. And he has at least $15 million to his name, a number that is set to increase over time.

There are so many lessons you can borrow from these rugby players. After all, it’s clear that a considerable portion of their wealth owes to:

• Being entrepreneurial,
• Adopting a saving culture
• Not settling for one income source, and
• Always being ready and eager to learn.

So, while these figures may seem high, they are attainable for anyone. All you have to be is willing to put in the work!

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