Former Lions Star Makes Huge Omission & Brian O’Driscoll Calls Him Out


The absolute cheek.

It’s pretty safe to say that over the years the Irish have more than proved their worth when it comes to the Lions. Legends like Brian O’Driscoll, Paul O’Connell and Keith Wood have all made their mark, and it’s hard to imagine the famous touring side without and Irish men in it.

Aptly named the British & IRISH Lions, every fours years this now world famous touring side brings together the best players from Britain and Ireland, to take on the very best the southern hemisphere has to offer.


It’s called the British and Irish Lions because believe it or not, even though people love to make this mistake, Ireland is not part of Britain. Ireland is Ireland, and we love our little country, and deserve plenty of respect for what we’ve achieved in the game, with such limited resources.

Former Lions and Wales star Lee Byrne seems to have forgotten Ireland’s contribution to the Lions over the years, with this huge mistake.

The British Lions you say? Must be a new team are they? Thankfully an Irish legend in the form of none other than Brian O’Driscoll pulled Byrne on his mistake. O’Driscoll is no stranger to Lions tours having been selected four times, and captained the side in 2005.

Another twitter user spotted that Byrne has made the same mistake in his bio on the social media site.

Byrne still has the post up and shows no signs of changing his Twitter bio. We want justice! #JusticeForIreland

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