Former Ireland Boss Says They Have Become All Too Predictable

Former Ireland boss Eddie O’Sullivan was highly critical Joe Schmidt’s Irish team after another disappointing loss on Friday night.

Ireland were unable to score a try against Wales, despite dominating possession in the second-half.

Sullivan said Joe Schmidt’s side have become all too predictable in attack.

There are questions, obviously, about where we’re going here. Our attack has really been the big talking point. At the front end of the Championship, it was our defence, now it’s the attack.
We can’t break teams down. We’ve become a bit predictable – I don’t care what anyone says.
Last night we had 60 per cent possession and 60 per cent territory in the second half and we had three points to show for it. That’s a problem and we have under-performed in that area against teams that will front up defensively.

O’Sullivan added that many teams now ‘have their number’.

We haven’t moved the dial in attack, consistently. We’ve had days out when we have. You go back to the Australia game. That was a good win but Australia felt they left it behind him. They butchered a few tries in that game and left it behind them.
I think we have been shut down by teams who have our number and know how to defend us. We catch teams now and again. We overpower teams every so often, like we did in the second half against Scotland.
In terms of picking teams apart and breaking teams down strategically, I don’t see it and there is no evidence as far as I’m concerned. Maybe it was there at the start, it hasn’t been there for the last two o three tournaments.

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