Former England International Has Some Advice For Conor Murray

Glasgow Warriors v Munster - European Rugby Champions Cup Pool 1 Round 5Being the best comes with a price.

Munster and Ireland star Conor Murray has elevated himself to unprecedented levels for both club and country this season, leading many to believe he’s now the best number nine in world rugby.

In order to deal with his presence, teams are now looking to combat him with some cynical play, as was evident in Munster’s win over Glasgow this past weekend. Former England hooker Brian Moore reckons Murray can expect plenty of rough treatment in the weeks and months to come.


Murray became frustrated in Saturday’s game after he was hit late on numerous occasions after putting up box kicks. He was also hit as he kicked the ball out at the end of the game.

Writing in his column in the Daily Telegraph, Moore believes Murray will be the target of players and coaches in the weeks and months to come, noting they will have seen the tactical success it can bring. Murray must rise above it.

“Perhaps the outstanding Irish player at the moment is scrum-half Conor Murray, who was targeted very cleverly by Glasgow in his side’s narrow away win. The first couple of late contacts were timed so well that you could not say they were deliberate,” he said.

“It was only once the fourth, fifth and so on went in that you knew this was planned. What also stopped it being obvious was that the hits were not of the cheap-shot, whiplash variety. They were simply the completion of a normal tackle or the attempted dive to charge a box-kick down. Nonetheless, each action resulted in contact and Murray being knocked over.

“Murray eventually concluded the number of apparent accidents meant they were no such thing and reacted accordingly. You can understand him doing this but his wisdom is rather less obvious. Both the Six Nations and All Blacks coaching teams will have noted this tactical success.”

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