Former England Head Coach Launches Scathing Attack On Scotland’s Finn Russell

Line crossed.

Former England boss Clive Woodward has launched a scathing attack on Scotland’s Finn Russell following his public bust-up with Gregor Townsend.

Russell was sent home from Scotland’s camp before their Six Nations opener with Ireland this month and is yet to return, missing their Round 2 clash with England last week too.

He has since admitted that himself and Townsend “have clashed quite a lot” over the years in a stunning interview where he goes on to state that the pair have “no relationship” whatsoever.

The reaction to the entire situation overall has been mixed but Woodward has made it very clear where he stands. He reckons Russell apologises or he should never play for Scotland again, regardless of the coach.

Writing in the MailOnline, the 2003 Rugby World Cup winner said:

“It crossed a line and if I was Townsend I would issue a simple statement: if Russell does not apologise he will not play for Scotland while I am coach.

“I wish the SRU would step in first and state that Russell won’t play for Scotland again regardless of who is coach.

“Who does Russell think he is? As a fly-half he has great talent but is wildly inconsistent and has regularly failed to deliver controlled 80-minute, match-winning performances. He disappoints as much as he excites.

“Russell needs to show a little humility. The Scotland rugby team have been playing for 149 years and his part in that history is very small indeed.”

Woodward also referenced a public fall out he had with Richard Cockerill following the 1999 Rugby World. He requested Cockerill to issue a public apology after the release of a book, to which he declined which resulted in him never playing for England again.

“I considered the content to be largely nonsense, in particular, the accusation that I was a bully,” Woodward added.

“He declined, so I banished him from the squad. I told him he would never again play for England on my watch and he didn’t. A really good hooker, Cockers missed out on the World Cup in 2003 when he was undoubtedly playing well enough to make our squad.”

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