For The Love Of God Will EA Sports Please Bring Out Another Rugby Game

We’ve had enough.

It’s been almost ten years since EA Sports brought out their last rugby game, the ever popular Rugby 08. Since then we’ve been given plenty of rugby games, but none have them have lived up to expectations.

Rugby Challenge is decent, but hugely flawed, while Rugby Word Cup 2015 was seriously lacking in depth. As for Rugby 15, it’s best we don’t talk about that abomination. A pathetic excuse for a game best forgotten about.

Rugby 08 however, while flawed, was simply glorious. Hours, upon hours of addictive gameplay whether you were playing one of the lads, or working your way up the World League with your club.

EA pulled out of the franchise after Rugby 08 for reasons we not quite sure. It must not have been a financial success, but 2008 was a long time ago and the world of rugby was a completely different place. It’s exponential growth over the last few years surely warrants another crack off the franchise by EA?

We’re not expecting it to be as good as the FIFA franchise. All we want is Rugby 08 with updated teams and graphics. We’d be happy enough with that, and imagine most fans would. We reached out to EA yesterday and got the following response.

Always nice to hear from passionate fans, but we have no plans to share at this time.
If anything changes in the future, will definitely let you know.

To us that sounds like an EA Rugby game isn’t in the pipelines anytime soon. Either that or they’re keeping it on the hush hush. We’re gonna go with the later. We live in hope. Until then you can sign our petition below.

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