The Five Highest Team Tackle Tallies In Six Nations History

Brick wall.

Four of the five highest team tackle tallies in Six Nations history have come against Ireland teams coached by Joe Schmidt, The Telegraph have revealed.

Last weekend’s win over France saw Les Blues break the record previously held by Wales, with the French racking up an astonishing 253 tackles in Paris.

Captain Guilhem Guirado tied the record held by Luke Charteris from the Ireland and Wales games, with a simply astonishing 31 tackles made in the game.

Of the four tackle tallies against Ireland, Schmidt’s men have won just two of them, last weekend’s win over France, and a demolition of Italy in Dublin back in 2014. They lost the games to Wales (2015) and Scotland (2017)

The fifth highest tackle count on the list came from Ireland themselves, who racked up 229 tackles against France this past weekend in Paris.

The results from those games.

France (253 tackles) 13-15 Ireland (229 tackles)

Wales (250 tackles) 23-16 Ireland

Ireland 46-7 Italy (245 tackles)

Scotland (242 tackles) 27-22 Ireland

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