Father Pat Malone Pays Wonderful Tribute To Anthony Foley In Eulogy


Anthony Foley has been spoken of in glowing terms by family friend Fr Pat Malone.

The Munster legends funeral is currently taking place in Killaloe, Co. Clare.

Tens of thousands of people are in attendance at the funeral.

The Munster and Ireland legend tragically passed away last Sunday.

“It is fitting that we celebrate with dignity the life and achievements of a man who lived life with great dignity and personal and professional integrity.”

“His family meant all to him,” Father Malone said.

“Olive, you were his true love, and how good you were together.

“One could sense the strength of your relationship, the warmth of your love for each other, and the ways you supported each other through the easy as well as the difficult moments of life.

“You complimented each other so well, yin and yang in perfect valve with each other.

“He was silently assessing their temperament for future sporting engagement.”

“What touched me most in all the statements I heard or read about Anthony in the past week is the amount of care he offered to so, so many different people,”

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