Fan Reveals Brilliant Story To Brian O’Driscoll Of When He Pretended To Be Him To Pull

This is brilliant.

Brian O’Driscoll recently took to Instagram to post an image of him topping the leaderboard in BT Sport’s ‘smash meter.’

What seemed like an innocent enough post took a bit of a twist when a fan decided to reveal to O’Driscoll he once pretended to be him on order to pull a bird.

“I was in Australia in 2003 and pretended I was you to an Aussie Chick” the Fan wrote.
“We were kissing in a bar and this table of Irish lads were beside us and they were laughing because we were all over each other, and they she just stands up and goes, “you’re just jealous coz he’s Brian O’Driscoll” and they erupted in laughter.”

O’Driscoll then responded with the burning question..

“Nice! Was she hot?!”

To which the fan replied…

“Haha no. And I fully got an STD off her. Never pretended to be you again.”

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