Fake News At Its Best As Bryan Habana Responds To Story Stating He’s Been Shot Dead

This is just ridiculous.

Toulon winger was the unfortunate subject of some rather ridiculous fake news yesterday that prompted a response from the South African. Habana posted a video on social media with the message that he is “doing well”, after reports that he had been killed in France.

“Hello guys, Bryan Habana here, just to check in with you all.” The winger said in a short recording.
“Apparently there has been, or is, a massive rumour or false story going around that I have been killed. As you can see I’m all alive and doing well and enjoying the south of France.”
“Unbelievably disturbing that people can do stuff out there that has a massive impact on people’s lives, and stuff like this is actually just unbelievable.”

The article came from a website called ‘Houston News’ which turns out is filled with bogus stories. The rumour must have caught fire for Habana to feel he had to come out and respond. Absolute madness.

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