England’s Bizarre World Cup Preparations Revealed


Now we know why England have been so poor at the World Cup.

It had nothing at all to do with Stuart Lancaster or any of the players. Instead it seems it was all down to a bizarre coaching exercise involving twenty of the backroom staff and some… horses.

Yes you read that correctly.

According to the Telegraph , Matt Parker, the England head of athletic performance, brought 20 backroom staff together to a farm in the countryside in the weeks before the World Cup for a unique leadership exercise…. Horse whispering.

The staff were told to select a horse and walk with it around a field and to try and negotiate various obstacles.

They were then instructed that they would be marked on how much trust they built up with the animal, and how quickly that trust was developed.

The performance of both the horse and the person was then analysed, before Parker brought everyone back to their base and gave an evaluation of everyone’s performance.

Stuart Lancaster,Graham Rowntree and Andy Farrell were not present but the revelation is just another embarrassment for the fallen English.

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