England Star On How He Wanted Them To Lose The 2003 Rugby World Cup Final

“I hate that Wilkinson guy.”

Extracts from Billy Vunipola’s new book Wrecking Ball have been doing the rounds all morning, but perhaps this extract published by The Times is the best of them all.

Growing up in Wales it turns out Billy absolutely hated England, and wanted nothing more than for them to lose. He referred to them as ‘the enemy’ and was absolutely devastated when they famously won the 2003 Rugby World Cup final thanks to the boot of Jonny Wilkinson.

“On the day of that World Cup final, I definitely wanted Australia to win. When England won that unforgettable game, I was so angry.” Vunipola writes
“‘I hate that Wilkinson guy,’ I said to anyone in earshot.”

He also reveals in the book that he penned a letter to his Pontypool Schools coach Dawson Jones, thanking him for all his help, and promising him he would never play for England!

“‘I promise, Uncle Daws’ I wrote, ‘that I’m never playing for England’.”

But as we all know, that promise has been well and truly broken with Billy now a key part of the England set-up, having already amassed 34 caps.

Billy Vunipola’s new book Wrecking Ball: A Big Lad From A Small Island – My Story So Far is due out on September 20.

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