England Rugby Squad On The Verge Of Mutiny


The fallout following England’s early World Cup exit could be set to become even more ugly, after several members of Stuart Lancaster’s squad have stated that they would be unwilling to participate in a an RFU review, or would only supply guarded feedback.

Writing in The Telegraph last night, Gavin Mairs reported that many players are wary of such a review, after a similar investigation was leaked to the press following England’s controversy laden 2011 World Cup Campaign.

Although RFU Chief Executive, Ian Ritchie, had promised a 360 degree review, the process looks to already be undermined after a source told Mairs,

There is likely to be some critical feedback but I am not sure many of them will trust that it will be an anonymous survey so I think they will be guarded in what they say or just not take part.

While another source told the reporter that the legacy of 2011 leaks meant the prospect of the players being totally open and honest is ‘pretty unlikely’.

News of the players reservations comes after rumours that some players were unhappy about Sam Burgess inclusion in the World Cup squad also emerged.

Indeed some players are unhappy at the overzealous nature in which they have found themselves involved in commercial activities. The most publicised of which was the RFU’s demand that the players only wear Samsung headphones.

Source: Pundit Arena

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