England Players Decide Not To Donate Percentage Of Match Fees To Samoa Despite Pleas

Not our place to get involved.

England will not donate any of their £22,000 match to their Samoan counterparts ahead of their final November Test this weekend, despite pleas from Mako Vunipola and Manu Tuilagi.

It comes in the wake of World Rugby disputing claims by the Samoan Rugby Union that they are bankrupt. Vunipola and Tuilagi suggested the England players donate £1,000 of their £22,000 to the Samoan players, who will only receive a £650 match fee for this weekend’s Test.

The RFU however will still donate £75,000 to the Samoan Rugby Union as a ‘goodwill gesture’, a figure that pails in comparison to the expected revenue of almost £5 million the RFU will make for this weekend’s Test.

“As players we feel it isn’t our place to get involved in what appears to be a complex issue between the Samoan union and World Rugby,” said a spokesman for the England players.
“We are aware that the RFU has pledged to make a goodwill gesture to them on behalf of everyone involved with England Rugby and we support that decision.
“As players we look forward to playing Samoa this weekend as I am sure they are too. We won’t be commenting on this matter any further.”

The RFU also released a statement on the matter:

“The RFU will make a goodwill gesture payment to Samoa this week in addition to paying the costs we already pay under the World Rugby Terms of participation for England to play Samoa,” said an RFU spokesman.


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