England Oppose New Ruck Law Despite Complaints About Italy’s Tactics

Make up your mind.

The green light is set to be given for a global trial of seven new rugby laws in the coming weeks. The seven laws just were trialled during last month’s World Rugby Under-20 Championship in Georgia.

The most notable variations are the tackler only being able to play the ball from his side of the tackle “gate” and a change in regards to what constitutes a ruck. Under the new laws, one attacker or defender on his or her feet over the ball create a ruck (instead of the current requirement for both), and therefore the offside line.

England were apparently opposed to these new laws being put through for trial, which is hugely ironic considering their complaints about Italy at this year’s Six Nations. Conor O’Shea’s men took advantage of the current loophole, where players seemingly stood in offside positions, but weren’t because of tackle-only situations.

Should World Rugby sign off, the trials of these seven laws will go ahead in the southern hemisphere from January 1 next year, and in the northern hemisphere from August 1 this year. It will be a double whammy for the north, who will also be trialling five laws which are currently being trialled in the south.


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