England Make “Significant Mistake“ As Bus Gets Stuck On The Way To Cardiff

Gatland was right.

Wales boss Warren Gatland sent a warning out to England yesterday ahead of this weekend’s Six Nations clash at the Principality – telling his rivals they were silly to travel to Cardiff today.

Usually when a team comes to town to take on Wales they arrive several days early in order to get settled before they take on Gatland’s men. But Eddie Jones and his England team left it until today – just over 24hrs before the two teams collide.

“England are making a significant mistake by travelling tomorrow!” Gatland said at his press conference yesterday.

“Coming through Newport at about 5pm probably isn’t the best thing to do – going through the Brynglas tunnels!”

“There’s a good chance there’ll be tractors and buses holding them up!”

“So that will be an experience for them.”

The England bus stuck in traffic. (Image: WalesOnline/Rob Browne)

And the New Zealander was absolutely spot on, with WalesOnline capturing the moment Jones and his men got stuck in massive tailbacks as a result of a car breaking down and blocking one of the lanes.

England left their camp at 1pm and got caught in the tailback at 4.30pm. God knows what time they eventually arrived at. Will it affect their preparations for tomorrow? Only time will tell.

Image & Source: (Rob Browne/WalesOnline)

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