England International Reveals He Could Have Played For Wales Or Ireland


England international flanker James Haskell has revealed his professional rugby career could have taken a completely different path had he opted to ply his trade elsewhere.

The 77 times capped forward has revealed in an interview with BBC Radio Wales that he was eligible to play for both Wales and Ireland, but in the end stuck with playing for his country of birth where he’s forged a pretty decent international career.

 “I’m actually half Welsh, and I’m fully Welsh qualified, so I could have quite happily played for Wales.” Haskell said

“I doubt I would have got into the team, before any of your listeners tweet me.”

“But I love the Welsh, and I’ve got some good Welsh friends. My mother’s Welsh, we were kind of all from Cross Hands and Upper Tumble.”

“I’m actually qualified to play for Ireland as well, so I’m a bit of a mix of everything.”

Would Haskell have made it into Wales’ or Ireland’s back-row over the years?

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