England Incredibly Call For Rule Changes & Refunds Following Italian Game

England playmaker George Ford has called on World Rugby to change its laws before England face Scotland in round four of the Six Nations.

Eddie Jones meanwhile claims supporters should get their money back because of Italy’s controversial tactics, with Ford stating O’Shea’s tactics could ‘kill the game.’

“I hope it will get addressed before the Scotland game because, if teams do that, it is going to kill the game quickly. There’s no rugby going to be played.” Ford said.

Head coach Eddie Jones hopes World Rugby act quick to stamp out the tactics.

“[World Rugby] are in charge of the shape of the game and I am sure [the chairman]Bill Beaumont will have watched the game today and will take some action. We saw a Trevor Chappell game of rugby today. If that’s rugby, I’m going to retire. That’s not rugby. If you paid for your ticket, ask for your money back. If you think that’s smart, fantastic. I don’t think it’s smart rugby. In football they say park the bus. I don’t know what they had, but it was bigger than a bus. The whole game became a joke.”

Conor O’Shea rightly defended his tactics after the game.

“He wanted to take us to the cleaners. Is that respect? I actually loved it when they kicked for goal as that was a bit of respect and I’m gutted that we finished the game off the way we did,” said O’Shea.
“But if people think that we’re just going to lie back, I’m not there to take a salary for four years and not make a difference.
“If people think we’re just going to lie down and take it, they’re wrong. So you’re going to see us fight and do things differently, and we’ll have bad days, we’ll have dark days, we know that. There’s so much to do, but we’ll do it and I think today you could almost say we’ve had enough and we’re going to fight. I am sick and tired of people having a pop and having a go. We came here to win. We kicked to corners, we missed a few kicks at goal, we attacked off scrums and we showed some unbelievable defence. So stop having a go.”

What do you think? Do England have a case?

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