England Boss Eddie Jones Launches Scathing Attack On World Rugby


England boss Eddie Jones has launched a scathing unprovoked attack on World Rugby following the controversial red card shown to All Blacks lock Scott Barrett on Saturday.

Speaking after England’s win over Wales at Twickenham on Wednesday, Jones initially began answering a question about scrumhalf Willi Heinz, before going off tangent to lambaste rugby’s governing body.

The Australian has called for some “consistency” in that area of the game and stressed the urgency of the matter.

“We saw a red card yesterday which affected the game. We need to get some consistency into that area of the game. In the World Cup if you lose a player through a red card as New Zealand did yesterday, it makes the game very difficult. ” Jones said

“I thought we saw two instances today where that could have happened. I urge World Rugby – although I don’t think they do anything at great pace do they – to get some consistency in that area because otherwise we will have games being destroyed by an inconsistent official making a decision on a law that’s not clear.

“I thought it was ridiculous. A bloke gets tackled, (Barrett) goes to be second man in and his shoulder hits his (Hooper’s) head and he gets a red card. We can’t have that in the game. 

“There has to be some common sense applied but maybe common sense was applied today really well. But what I’m saying is that we need to have some consistency and common sense. I think it’s really important for the game.”

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