Eddie O’Sullivan Reveals Age Old Ireland Kissing Tradition


Kiss and make-up lads.

CJ Stander revealed after Munster’s win over Glasgow that the pair embraced in a kiss because they had a few arguments on the pitch that day and were forced to kiss and make-up by their teammates.

The ritual however is apparently nothing new according to former Ireland boss Eddie O’Sullivan. It’s apparently been around for years with players given two options should they have a bit of a disagreement.


If any of the players ever have a row, they can either pay a fine, or lock lips and make-up. Obviously the former has been the preferred option over the years.

That’s been around for years. We had it in the Irish camp as well, yeah.” O’Sullivan said on Off The Ball.

It was the money. If you had a row in training it was either a humongous financial fine or you had to kiss the person.

So most people went for the snog…that’s been around a long time.

What option would you take?

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