Eddie Jones Set To Make Huge Matchday Change That We Can All Get On Board With


England boss Eddie Jones has revealed he plans on patrolling the touchline similar to a football manager when international rugby finally ends up resuming.

Rugby coaches generally stay in their designated technical boxes for the duration of games but Jones thinks the sport can learn from football and plans on getting right in on top of the action going forward.

Some of the best moments over the years have comes as a result of coaches interaction with fellow coaches and players during games with the likes of Jose Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp providing us with countless hours of entertainment.

Speaking to RFU performance director Conor O’Shea in an episode of The Eddie Jones Podcast, Jones said he is planning on spending the first half in the “normal” technical position before patrolling the side of the pitch for the second 40 mins.

Jones reckons that copying football and is a natural progression for rugby given its incredible success on a global scale.

“Ideally, if you could, you would do the first half in the stand to look at the patterns (of play) what tactically are they trying to do and where can you expose them in the second half which a lot of times is more about emotion, digging deep and you could add some value on the side of the pitch,” Jones said.

“I was lucky enough when I coached in Japan to coach on the side of the pitch and you could definitely have an influence on certain teams and you see that with football managers.

“Having that balance of being able to get how the game is evolving and then add something to the emotional side of the game could make it quite interesting.”

Sounds like a plan to us.

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