Eddie Jones Says “That Was Not Rugby” & Conor O’Shea Shoots Back

A masterclass from O’Shea.

That seems to be the general consensus from the rugby spectrum after the Irishman masterminded an excellent Italian performance today against England, thanks to some very clever ruck tactics.

Eddie Jones told the media following their last-gasp win over Wales a couple of weeks back, that they would be out to take Italy to the cleaners. It was disrespectful, and he knew it.

The Italians came out today and took England all the way- and they did it legally. It was a tactic that we’ve rarely seen, but it doesn’t mean it’s a tactic that’s not allowed. O’Shea caught England on the hop.

Jones however sees it differently, stating today’s game wasn’t rugby.

In a later radio interview with BBC 5 Live, Jones doubled down on this saying that his side hadn’t played rugby today, and that “we might go out and train now”.

Conor O’Shea has shot back, and rightly so.

“We didn’t come here to roll over and get our tummies tickled.” O’Shea said.
“Just because we took people by surprise. What do you want, us to be normal? We can’t be normal. We’re Italy.”
We’re not inventing anything. It’s a tackle. If it’s a tackle, there’s no offside there. We just occupied space.”
“He wanted 70 (pts). He wanted to take us to the cleaners. Is that respect? I was delighted when they kicked to the posts”

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