Eddie Jones’ Mind Games With Wales Continue As He Delays Crucial Decision

“I don’t care. It makes no difference because the two teams have to play under it.”

Those were Eddie Jones’ comments last month when asked if it bothers him whether the roof is closed for their Six Nations clash with Wales at the Principality this weekend.

Wales were criticised for trying to undermine their home opposition this year, by going straight to Six Nations officials for permission to shut the roof for their games against England and Ireland, rather than let the teams decided between them as is the usual code of practice.

The Six Nations rejected the notion, and when asked about it, Jones in typical fashion brushed it off, stating he didn’t really care if it was closed or not. Wales took the England boss at his word and said they planned to close the roof for the game.

However, in his final pre-match press conference on Thursday morning, Jones seemed to backtrack by saying:

“I will make a decision on the roof later in the week.

“It will matter when I have to make the decision. I’m not an entertainer, I’m a coach. We will have a chat later this week.”

England defence coach Paul Gustard said: “We haven’t made a decision yet. Eddie will make the final call.”

Is seems Eddie does mind whether the roof is closed or not. Is it mind games, or is it Jones backtracking and realising he doesn’t want to risk playing in a closed cauldron on Saturday?

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