Eddie Jones’ Mind Games Continue With Bizarre Message To Welsh Rugby Fans


Eddie Jones isn’t one to mince his words.

The England boss is currently preparing his side for their crucial round two Six Nations clash with Wales in Cardiff, and has been adding fuel to the fire all week, in what promised to be a fiery affair.

Jones’ use of mind games has become synomous with England before crucial ties, as he looks to take the spotlight away from him and his players. So far he’s doing a pretty good job, with all the attention on him this week, and very little mention of England’s dismal performance against France.


The Australian has now turned his attention to the Welsh fans come Saturday, stating they can ‘chuck daffodils at us if you want, we’ll cope with it!’ The Principality has become known as a bit of a cauldron for visiting England teams over the years, and Jones expects no different this weekend.

“I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t like that,” he said.

“You go to certain countries in the world and you expect that.

“You get that in Wales and you get it in South Africa, particularly when you are on the veldt. That’s part of the build-up to the game.

“To me that is one of the great challenges of Test rugby – to go to those places and play in those areas.

“We want that sort of attitude that it doesn’t matter what happens. If they start throwing daffodils during the warm-up or make us stand out there for 15 minutes then we can cope with all that.”

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