WATCH: Eddie Jones Loses It And Lashes Out At The Media Following Springboks Win

Relax Eddie.

England head coach Eddie Jones had a bit of a meltdown yesterday after his side managed to defeat the Springboks by a single point in a thrilling Test match at Twickenham.

The game has been billed all week as a hugely important fixture for Jones given their recent run of form, especially with the All Blacks and Australia still to come this month.

When asked was yesterday’s win one of the most important of his reign – Jones completely lost it.

“The most important thing is what we do next,” Jones answered.

“I don’t understand this guys. We’re a bloody good team. We lost a few games but we played tough today and we won.”

“Why is it always the most important game? Because you want to sack me? You’re going to do it at some stage. You know that. You know that. If I stay long enough, you’re going to get me sacked.”

“One day you’ll be happy. You’ll come in and say ‘Fantastic, we’ve got another bloke we can terrorise.”

“It was a good Test match. We’re happy, they’re not so happy.”

It appears all the criticism has finally got to old Eddie.

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