Eddie Jones Lashes Out At Referee Roman Poite Over Italy Performance

Eddie Jones just won’t admit he was caught on the hop today.

England may have won today, but Conor O’Shea can take great pride in what he tried to achieve. His Italian side came with a game plan, and it nearly bloody worked.

Eddie Jones however has once again proved he’s a bad winner. England got their bonus-point win, but were unable to ‘take Italy to the cleaners.’

O’Shea revealed that the ruck tactic was discussed with Poite before the game, who revealed it was perfectly legal- providing they didn’t interfere with the scrumhalf as they rule had recently been tweaked as it had been deemed not to be in ‘the spirit of the game’.

Rather than directly impeding the scrumhalf, Italy decided that Edoardo Gori would hover annoyingly to fluster Danny Care. It worked a treat, with England utterly befuddled throughout the first half.

Jones however when asked about Poite’s performance, lashed out at the ref saying “he had a terrible day.”

“He had a terrible day, let’s be honest. He had a terrible day because he wasn’t refereeing rugby and he’s a rugby referee. We’ve got to come up with a new name for it. ‘No ruck rugby’ or whatever.”

Classless from Jones once again.

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