Eddie Jones Has His Eye On Another Top Coaching Job Before He Retires

Eddie Jones has admitted that he would be open to taking charge of the British & Irish Lions before he calls time on his coaching career.

Jones ruled himself out pretty quickly for the 2017 tour as he had just taken the reigns at England. His contract with the RFU finishes after the 2019 Rugby World Cup and has previously said that he will finish up with England following the tournament.

His sole focus at the moment however is lifting the William Webb Ellis cup, but coaching the Lions in 2021 could be on the cards. Speaking to Neil Fissler in the Express, Jones says he’s pretty open to the idea.

“I am open to everything. I don’t sit there at night and think ‘I hope I am going to be the next Lions coach’.
“Because it is such a unique job there is no natural progression to it. It is a one-off job which is decided at a certain time.
“And if you are in the market and in the right area then you are going to get a call and get a tap on the shoulder. I wouldn’t say no but I am not saying yes.”

Jones also confirmed he will finish up with England in 2019.

“The only thing I’m concerned about at the moment is coaching England, and as I said I’m doing that until 2019.
“Then well see where we go, whether I continue coaching or I go and watch cricket in Barbados. I’ve never said no to anything.
“People in Japan ask me if I will go back and coach Japan, and I never say no. So, I’m open to everything,”

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