Eddie Jones Has A Pop At Warren Gatland’s Lions Squad

England boss Eddie Jones isn’t too fond of Warren Gatland’s Lions squad.

The Australian reckons that Gatland has gone for a squad typical of the Welsh coach and believes they will struggle in New Zealand.

Speaking to Brian Moore on the Telegraph’s rugby podcast, Jones reckons the Lions will look to deploy big gain line runners with not much ball movement and that plan will fall flat.


I think it’s going to be very tough for them. They picked their squad to play a certain style based on the influence of Wales.
They are looking to attack like Wales, with big gain line runners, not much ball movement. You’ll struggle to beat the All Blacks like that.
If they win the first Test they could win the series. If they don’t, it might be a tough old series for them.

What do you think? Has Gatland picked a ‘Warrenball’ squad?

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